clearalignersorthodontiki 2Dr. Cardot believes you deserve the best invisible retainer. That’s why our retainers are made at Specialty Appliances in Atlanta, Georgia (not at our office) by certified dental lab technicians (not by an orthodontic assistant) using the highest quality thermoplastic. 

Titanium braces are so effective in straightening the crowns and the roots of teeth that your retainers only need to be worn for 8 hours per day, usually while you sleep. Other offices that use stainless steel braces typically prescribe an initial retention period of 6 months with 24/7 wear. With Titanium Orthos, the only 24/7 wear is the first day retainers are given.

Your teeth continue to move throughout your lifetime. Invisible retainers prevent teeth from shifting and need to be worn as long as you want to maintain your straight smile.